Summer Special Organized Tours, Events and Monthly Deals

Welcome back winter 2020/21 special. Enjoy a stay this summer at 10 % off. 

Special Summer Events in 2021 will Return - Dates TBD

5th Annual Geology Tour  with Purcell Mountain Lodge Geologist-in-Residence Dr. Thomas Kubli. Tour brochure (pdf)

Private Chalet - Self Catered and Self Guided Three and Four Night Rentals

Private chalet steps away from main lodge is available for rent. Chalet is fully furnished complete with kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms. Starting $1350 per person applicable tax Minimum four and maximum eight guests for three nights includes roundtrip helicopter transportation for up to eight guests on Monday or Friday a.m. departures. 

Each guest is permitted to bring a maximum of 25 lbs per person plus food provisions to a maximum weight of 100 lbs for the week. 50% rental deposit required at time of booking.

Excellent choice for guests, families and groups who enjoy cooking their own meals. Option for guest with severe allergies, dietary restrictions and would like more privacy in the evenings.

Great option for private guides wanting to bring small groups into the lodge. Private guides may arrange to stay in staff accommodations in the main lodge. Hike in and out option in the summer is available for private guides. Thirteen km hike.

Contact or call 1 888 767 8989 for inquiries.