Booking Policies

Booking Procedure

We encourage all guests to diligently read through our policies in Booking Procedure prior to planning your trip. Once your reservation has been made we assume all terms and conditions as outlined here have been accepted. Check our rates.

If you require further information, please call our toll free number at 1.888.767.8989


To make a reservation view the available tours and email with your selected tour date. Provide your name/s mailing address, contact number and type of service provided. Click on the link and fill out the attached Guest Information Profile form to commence the booking process. A 25% non refundable deposit is required to secure your tour date. Deposits are non refundable and payable by Visa, Mastercard or E-transfer.

Summer Guest Information Profile Form (pdf) Click here

Winter Guest Information Profile (pdf) Click here

The booking is confirmed and secure once the full deposit is received. If a payment is past the due date we reserve the right to cancel your reservation (without refund) and rebook the space.

Fully Guided and Fully Catered General Information

All inclusive rate includes roundtrip helicopter transfer from Golden to Purcell Mountain Lodge, luxury backcountry guest room, gourmet mountain meals, healthy assortment of baked goods, apres ski/hiking appetizers and snack prepared by a professional chef. Professionally guided summer and winter activities by certified ACMG guides.

**Self Catered and Self Guided General Information - Please email**


When thinking about weather and your clothing choices at Purcell Mountain Lodge, remember that the lodge (2150m) is 1400m higher than Golden (800m). On average, you can expect temperatures to be 10-15°C cooler than what you see for the Golden forecast. Things can also change faster at higher elevation than they might in the valley bottoms. 

Our guides will use a variety of forecast resources to determine the likely weather reality. The prevailing pattern is driven by a dominant westerly flow from the Pacific. You may find the following resources helpful. 
Town of Revelstoke, west of the lodge (480m):
Town of Golden, east of the lodge (800m):


What to Bring for your Trip

Summer Guest Information Package Click Here

Winter Guest Information Package Click Here



All gratuities are entirely at a guest's discretion. Gratuitues may be added to your bar tab which are paid by cash or credit card on the evening prior to your departure. Cash gratuities offered will be gratefully accepted by our Purcell lead guide and will be shared equally among all the Purcell family that hosted your stay. Guests may also choose to offer more gratuities to a particular staff and in these incidences, a seperate marked envelopes with the staff member's name is the best manner to distribute.

Trip Insurance

Emergency evacuation from our remote backcountry lodge is very costly. We strongly each guest purchase Trip Cancellation and Hospital/Medical Evacuation Insurance (especially to our foreign guests) when you book your trip. Lifestyle Financial Services offers comprehensive Trip Insurance Packages. Contact them at (250) 542 8577 or email at A online form is also available at Lifestyle Financial Services is endorsed by the Backcountry Lodges of BC Lodge Owners Association. Hospital/Medical Evacuation insurance, any non-Canadian guests should take time to review their Personal Insurance Policy to ensure air evacuation and ambulance costs are covered. Non Canadians will not receive coverage in Canada (Please view Evacuation and Medical Insurance below).

Exclusive Lodge Rental, Self Catered and Independently Guided Responsibility

Individually guided groups resume full responsibility for their own safety and the safety of the group members in Lodge Rentals. Purcell Mountain Lodge advises the group leader and all participants have training in first aid, backcountry travel and route finding skills, be able to conduct backcountry and avalanche rescues, have knowledge of how to use rescue equipment and know how to conduct a in snow stability analysis. A release of liability waiver will need to be signed by all guests.

Self-Guided and Independently Guided General Information

We recommend groups have a minimum of 11 guests but smaller groups are welcome and may be combined with another small group. Additional helicopter costs will apply when group is beyond 11 guests. Up to two on site custodians will be provided with the lodge rental depending on the size and needs of the group.


Shoulder Season Low Rate

Purcell Mountain Lodge will accept private bookings for lodge rental during our shoulder season. Small and large groups are always welcome. Shoulder season lodge rentals are offered at a very reason price. Please contact to discuss your groups needs. Ideal venue for weddings, retreats, team build and family celebrations.

2018/2019 Season Rate Guarantee

The 2018/2019 rates will be updated on January 1, 2018 and will be guaranteed for a term of one year. All rates are given in Canadian funds and Management reserves the right to change rates at anytime.

Payment Requirements When Booking a Group

Group Bookings require two payments when making a reservation: First payment deposit of 25% of your total payment is required to hold your space. Your trip will not be reserved until this deposit is received. A second payment is required within 90 days prior to commencement of your trip. Please be advised both payments are non-refundable.

Bookings More Than One Season in Advance

Early reservations for winter 2018/2019, summer 2019, winter 2019/20 and summer 2020 and beyond are being accepted. Please view the rates and book early for your mountain getaway.

Please be advised all deposit payments are non-refundable.

The rate charged will be for the year the trip is taking place and not the initial booking date. Rates for the upcoming season will be posted by January 1st each year. Rate increases occur annually and are typically less than 10%.

Forms of Payments Accepted

  • Canadian cheque;
  • Canadian bank draft;
  • Canadian email money transfer (EMT);
  • United States cheque;
  • Visa/Mastercard;
  • E-transfer

A NSF service charge of $50 will be charged for any returned cheques.

Helicopter Transport Costs

Alpine Helicopters charges Purcell Mountain Lodge a fixed rate to transport guests, and we in turn pass that charge on to guests as part of the trip package. The rate is based on the helicopter flying full with six guest passengers. The cost are shared by both incoming and outgoing guests. Flights occurring consecutively is also a factor. If a guests create circumstances where dovetailing and consecutive flights do not occur there will be an additional helicopter charge to guests. Some of the circumstances where extra charges would apply are where guests are late for the departure flights or guests need to be flown out due to a personal emergency or poor weather where only one flight can be completed. Extra charges will be at the discretion of the helicopter company and will vary with the circumstances.

We are able to arrange extra flights as necessary if a group wishes to surpass their weight limit or do an exchange mid-week. This depends entirely on availability of a helicopter and weather conditions.

Poor Weather Policy

Purcell Mountain Lodge is a remote backcountry lodge accessible by helicopter. The weather conditions dictate whether we can fly in and out of the lodge It is not uncommon for flight delays to occur. It could range from several hours delay or even a day or more. If the helicopter cannot fly due to safety concerns no additional charges for guests will occur.

***Guests are fully responsible for all expenses due to flight delays that may result in late departure from the lodge. No refunds or ski credits will be given for delays or trip cancellations due to bad weather or poor flying conditions. We highly recommend that guests keep potential delays in mind when making travel plans and purchase travel insurance and trip cancellation insurance for all forms of travel when planning their trip***

Cancellation Policy

All trip payments are non-refundable. This includes, but is not limited to, inability to enter the country, travel complications, sickness, injury, family illness and poor weather conditions. We strongly recommend you purchase Trip Cancellation Insurance at the same time as your booking.

Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance

In the unfortunate event of an accident occurring where evacuation may be needed all emergency evacuation or rescue costs will be the sole responsibility of the injured party. All emergency evacuations will be made by helicopter and the cost is high. We strongly recommend you purchase Hospitalization and Medical Evacuation insurance (including air evacuation) for your trip (see Trip Insurance). All non-Canadian and Canadian guests are advised to review their Personal Health Insurance Plan to ensure air evacuation and ambulance is included as you will not receive coverage here in Canada.

Release of Liability Requirement

Purcell Mountain Lodge guests are required to sign a Release of Liability waiver Please note that the waiver cannot be altered, changed or modified. Please print and review the waiver at home to be sure you have a clear understanding of it before you sign. If you are not willing to sign the waiver in its present form, you will not be permitted to board the helicopter. Your trip will be cancelled without refund. The waiver must be signed at the hangar/staging area prior to boarding . Your signature must be witnessed by the Purcell Mountain Lodge Stager/Expediter or Purcell staff member.

Click to review our Waivers in PDF format: Source: 

Release of Liability waivers for viewing only

Policy Regarding Minors at the Lodge

We welcome families to join us and minors under the age of 13 years are welcome at Purcell Mountain Lodge and must be accompanied by a parent or adult in charge of their care. For families with very young children we recommend the private chalet just steps away from the main lodge. Please contact Jackie Mah if you would like to book the chalet or have any concerns relating to minors during your visit.

Alpine Helicopters - Golden

The helicopter ride is truly a breathtaking experience and part of the thrill of coming to the lodge whether you are a seasoned passenger or if it is your first flight. 

Helicopter flights typically depart at 8:00 a.m. in the summer and 9:00 a.m. in the winter season. Fly in days are on Fridays for a three night weekend trip and Mondays for four night week day trip. Arrival flights back to the Golden are early morning around 8:30 a.m. in the summer and 9:30 a.m. in the winter weather pending. Delays are more common in the winter due to poor flying conditions.

Alberta and British Columbia Recommended Accommodations

We suggest guests stay overnight the evening prior to departing and upon arrival back to Golden . This may lessen the morning departure flight drive and returning home drive from the Alpine Helicopters heliport.

Click here for a list of recommended accommodations and restaurants in Golden

Buses/Shuttle Services

Xplore Golden Tours - Contact David Perez @

Greyhound Bus offers regular trips from Calgary to Golden, and a shuttle service is available between the Calgary airport and the downtown Calgary Bus and Shuttles Greyhound Bus Depot.

Cancellation Insurance

We strongly recommend that our guests purchase some kind of trip cancellation or travel insurance. Many credit cards include this kind of insurance in their benefits. If yours does not, consider contacting your local travel agent to arrange insurance before you book your trip. One of the best and most respected insurance providers is the Divers Alert Network.

Trip Planning

One of the best ways to access more complete travel and accommodation information is to contact a local tourism organization. We recommend:

Golden, British Columbia
Travel Alberta
Tourism Rockies

Golden & District Chamber of Commerce
1-800-622-GOLD or 250-344-7125

Tourism BC
1-800-HELLO BC / 1-800-435-5622

Road Conditions